A beautiful view of the lake with trees, during the autumn season.

Community Resources for Seniors

Rosecrest Communities extends its reach into the community it serves and partners with several organizations in the surrounding area.

Sackville Seniors Advisory Council

Jackie Cajolais
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, B4E 1R8
f. 864-5468

Silver & Gold Seniors Drop In Centre

Sackville Heights Community Centre
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
t. 864-5591

Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association

Brian Pitts
1902 Beaver Bank Road
Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, B4G 1C9
t. 865-5479 f. 865-8462

Beaver Bank - Kinsac Community Centre

1583 Beaver Bank Road
Beaver Bank Nova Scotia
B4G 1C5
t. 865-5114

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