A beautiful front doorstep.

Closer to Home in Beaver Bank

The Ivy Meadows is home to fifty residents who require Level II nursing care as well as a resident in need of Adult Protection.

A home-like environment characterizes The Ivy Meadows. There are four neighborhoods with seven to 20 individuals. Most neighborhoods have their own living room and dining room. Over half of the rooms at The Ivy Meadows are single occupancy with private washrooms.

The home-like environment is enhanced by our vibrant recreation program which includes field trips on the Friends of Ivy Meadows Residents Society's accessible bus. Fishing derbies, shopping trips, outings to restaurants and local attractions keep everyone connected to what is going on within the community. The energy and excitement generated by what goes on at the Ivy Meadows, enhances the caring aura created within the neighbourhoods.

Thank you to the CPX group who donated a gift to every resident.
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